Monday, October 26, 2009

Transfer photos and videos wirelessly


I have been using usb cables and card readers to transfer photos from my camera to my computer for a long time. Sometimes I encounter problems like misplacing the card reader or usb cable. Or I just don't have the time to transfer the photos and videos even though I wanted to share them to my friends and family. My camera becomes a photo storage album because my photos have been there for a long time. Also transferring the SD card from camera to card reader and back to the camera might damage the SD card.

Well, i have encountered an amazing product that can help solve my problems in an awesome way. The Eye-Fi card is the 1st wireless memory card that has the function of a regular SD/SDHC card and a built in Wi-Fi. I don't need to buy a new camera because my camera is SD card compatible and most cameras use SD cards.

I can transfer photos and videos effortlessly to my computer. Eye-Fi automatically back-up and organizes photos and videos in date-based folders. With 4Gb of memory, I can store up 2,000 photos or 90 minutes of video depending on my camera resolution settings.

I can now share photos and videos to sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr without even having my computer on. All i need is a wireless router and a SDHC capable camera which i both have already. I can also get notified also via email, text message or Twitter alert when I upload photos online.

This are just some of the benefits of having an Eye-Fi.
Learn how to make your camera wireless

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