Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Facebook Smileys

Make your Facebook chatting more lively by using the following smileys!

Happy :) Facebook Happy Smiley Face

Really happy :D Big grin happy face for facebook chat

Wink ;) Winking face book smiley

Happy eyes ^_^ kiki japanese facebook smiley

Laughing eyes >:o upset raging smiley for facebook

Cat smile :3 content happy smiley facebook

Grumpy >:( Grumpy Angry facebook smiley codes

Sad :( Facebook Frown Emoticon

Crying :'( crying sad facebook smilies

Shocked :O Gasp facebook smiley

Glasses 8) nerd geeky facebook smiley glasses

Cool shades 8| cool hot sunglasses smiley face

Tongue :P FB sticking tongue out nyah nyah

Woot?! O.o confused

Dork -_- squint squinting facebook emoticon

Duhhh :/ unsure confused fb emoticon

Devil 3:) evil devil facebook smiley

Angel O:) angel

Kiss :* kiss

Love "<3" love

Pacman :v facebook pacman smileyface

Robot :|] crackbook robot smileyface

Dude :putnam: putnam facebook emoticon

Shark (^^^) shark facebook emoticon

Penguin <(") penguin facebook emoticon

Bold *Bold*

Underlined _Underlined_

Bold & Underlined *_Bold & Underlined_*

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