Friday, October 23, 2009

Roller Coaster Kingdom Exp/Coin Cheat


1. First lets do the exp cheat, download RCK TOOLS
2. Open Roller Coaster Kingdom and RCKCheat (make sure you have visitors)

3. Click Firefox and the box with "???" once
4. Go visit a friend or just wait a few minutes until it finds the address for the experience cheat to work
5. The number in the circle will have a starting number of zero and if it has increase then you have successfully activated the RCKCheat for Exp

NOTE: The cheat for coin is not working anymore for this version of RCKCheat so we will be using WPE PRO for the cheat coin

go to for more info!

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nathan.dados said...

sir why i cant download the WPE for roller coaster kingdom cheats??

pls help me or any sugestions? badly needed sir...

here is my email.. thats also my Facebook account

Anonymous said...

y did u mention at infinite hax said that you have get new working coin hack when you're just copying other peoples work?

Anonymous said...

you don't have new working hack, just a grave digger.

Pat said...

the coin hack is still working. if you don't know how to make it work it doesn't mean its not working. you just have to learn how to use the hacking software.

leechers and abusers can call me anything they want, i only post hacks that i tested myself and tweak them and try to make other steps to make it work.

Anonymous said...

this cheat is awesome... its working for me... i just tried it yesterday..

exp hack = RCK Cheat auto version
coin hack = WPE pro 0.9