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Cafe World Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Cafe World!

Cafe World is an exciting game where you build and manage your very own restaurant! Be the head chef and discover new dishes to cook and serve, expand your restaurant and employ your friends, or visit neighbors to try out their latest creations and trade gifts to help each other succeed!

My Chef
You are Head Chef of your Restaurant and your character should reflect that! If you are unhappy with your appearance at any time, you can easily change it by clicking on the shirt icon from the lower left hand menu (in between your cookbook and the decoration buttons). This brings up the customization screen where you can easily modify skin color, facial features, hair and eyes as well as purchase new clothes and accessories with your hard earned Cafe Coins! You can also edit your character by clicking it in game.

Moving around your restaurant is easy - Hovering over action items such as stoves or menu icons will provide a brief description of the item and its current state. Clicking on an interactive item such as a stove or counter brings up the action menu allowing you to choose what you'd like to do with it (for example, clicking an empty stove to begin cooking a dish or to serve a fully cooked dish).

If a stove is empty you can begin a new dish by clicking on it. This opens up the Dish Menu where you can choose which dish you wish to cook. The cost of a dish is different depending on how long they take to fully cook and how many Cafe Coins you make from serving them. Dishes award experience every time you complete an ingredient step - be sure to complete all three to set your dish cooking!

Plan ahead by cooking dishes that will become ready to serve the next time you check back in on your Café. Moving your mouse/cursor over a fully prepped dish will display its current cook progress. This is shown as a green progress bar, with a percentage to completion on the left side of the bar.

Dishes take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 days to become fully cooked and ready to serve. A fully cooked dish is easy to spot - it sparkles on the stove to signify it's ready. Click on the finished dish to have your Chef begin serving it - but be sure to have enough room! Cooking additional servings of dishes that you are already serving will add them to the same counter space, however, cooking a new dish requires an empty counter to serve it on. Your variety in dishes is limited by the number of counters you have in your restaurant, the more counters you have, the wider variety of dishes you can serve!

Deleting Dishes
If you run out of counter space to serve a new dish you have the option of deleting an in-progress dish from the stove or deleting a dish from a counter. You can delete dishes by clicking on an in progress dish on your stove or counter and selecting Yes from the Delete Dish confirmation pop-up. Careful! Once a dish is deleted it cannot be returned.

Spoiled Dishes
Care should be taken not to leave fully cooked dishes on the stove for too long! Dishes will start to spoil if they sit around. Spoiled dishes are useless and must be thrown out before you can begin a new dish.

Leveling Up and Earning Café Points
Actions like adding ingredients, serving, and helping friends award 'Cafe Points'. As these points accumulate your level increases, unlocking new recipes, gifts , employees, counters, and stoves!

Clicking the Customize Icon (the chair icon in the menu) activates decoration mode. While in decoration mode you can purchase a variety of items to place and move around your Cafe. To purchase an item click, hold and drag it into your café, then let go. You can also move items around your café in this manner.

This category holds all the decorations and cafe-related items you can purchase for your cafe. Tables, chairs, wallpaper, windows and doors can all be purchased with your earnings to make the cafe of your dreams.

Purchasing items is as easy as left-clicking and dragging the item to the appropriate place in your cafe. Be absolutely sure you like what you're placing before letting go of it in your restaurant because as soon as you let go of the left mouse button, that item is purchased! If you change your mind, you can click-drag the item back into your inventory, or drag it over the register to sell it back for a reduced price.
Selling items is as easy as purchasing them! You can sell items directly from your cafe by left-clicking and dragging them out of the cafe and hovering over the cash register on the right side of your inventory. Letting go of the left mouse button sells the item. You can sell any extra inventory items in the same way, just click and drag it from your inventory to the register.

Any purchased object in your cafe you can easily be rotated by left clicking it- a large yellow circular arrow will appear above the object. Clicking the circular arrows will rotate the object, keep clicking until it is positioned to your liking. Click on any other object within your inventory to deselect the rotated object.

This category holds all the counters and stoves you can use in your cafe! As you reach new levels the limited number of counters and stoves you can place in your cafe increases. Check back often to make sure you haven't missed out on placing a new stove or the ability to serve another dish!

Expand Cafe
This section allows you to purchase larger cafe floor plans. With more room to expand your cafe you can serve more customers, create some real style and maximize your kitchen! Most expansions are limited by the number of neighbors you have so be sure to invite them to play Cafe World with you.

You can receive gifts from your friends as well as send them gifts. Gifts can be drinks that you can use for coins, or sometimes even limited edition decorations! Send your friends gifts often and they'll be sure to return the favor. The gift page can be easily accessed by selecting 'Free Gifts' from the top menu bar.


By using the MY NEIGHBORS page (found in the top menu bar next to the Play! option) you can invite friends to be your neighbor.

Visiting and Helping Neighbors

All of your Neighbors are shown at the bottom of your game screen. By clicking 'Visit'on a Neighbor from the bar, you travel to visit that friend. When visiting a friend you haven't done a job for that day you will get an offer to perform a job to help that player. Performing a job awards experience and money. Invite new friends from the INVITE page and invite friends to be neighbors from the MY NEIGHBORS page. You'll also leave your friends a tip by helping them out. Make sure to look out for your own tip notifications from your friends also!

The vertical bar in the lower right corner of your cafe allows you to change these options.
Zoom In
Modifies the view scale, letting you get closer to the action!
Zoom Out
Modifies the view scale letting you get a large overview of your cafe in action!
Mute Sounds
Turn on/off sound
Mute Music
Turn on/off music.

Tips and Tricks

How to maintain Buzz Rating?
- If your counters are already empty then your Buzz Rating will surely drop so the best way to maintain it is by closing your cafe. Just remove your cafe door so stop customers from coming. You can cook all you want without worrying about your Buzz Rating. When your dish is done then open your store again by putting back the door.

How to gain Cafe points quickly?
- Cook dishes with short cooking time and add lots of friends who play Cafe World.
Go to Cafe World Friends and add, add, add!!!

Here is my Cafe layout

Right now there are no cheat available, i tried using CE 5.5 but the game won't save so its just a waste of time if you use CE 5.5 speedhack.

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Anonymous said...

there is a glitch on buying stoves that will let you buy more. I"m trying to find it

Pat said...

i already have a post about the stoves and speedhack also.