Monday, August 24, 2009

Pet Society Recycler Coin Hack by Manzs & Patiniox

UPDATE! Working as of September 02, 2009

- Firefox 3.0.10 (i used IE and it works fine)
- Cheat engine 5.5
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

1. Login to your facebook account and open pet society
2. Brush your pet then buy an apple
3. Open Cheat Engine 5.5
4. Check hex and "also scan read only memory", also choose 8 bytes on the value type of the Cheat Engine
5. Put 110FF2D045590FF2 as the value and hit first scan
6. Double click the results and it will have a copy on the lower part of the cheat engine
7. Go back to the Cheat Engine and first scan 7D8B000005B38F0F
8. Same steps with the first code, double click the result and it will have a copy on the lower part of the cheat engine
9. Now i will teach you how to subtract hexadecimals, we already have 2 addresses after doing 2 scans. Subtract A6 to the first address you got. Example, i got "FFFFFFFF" on the first address so it will be like "FFFFFFFF - A6". Use a scientific calculator if you have one or just go to this link and subtract. My answer will be ffffff59 and im sure yours will be different
10. Do the same to the 2nd address but this time subtract FFFFFDC9.

Example addresses
First Address = FFFFFFFF
Second Address = EEEEEEEE

Example Code:

ffffff59: <----(First address - A6) jmp 521
EEEEEEEE: <----(Second Address) nop

eeeef125: (Second Address - FFFFFDC9)

11. Go back to Cheat Engine, choose tools then auto assemble (or click CTRL+A)
12. Paste the code and click Execute
13. Now go back to pet society and visit a friend or anyone else in the cafe
14. Earn some recycle points, see video for better explanation...

SOrry for the new method, too lazy to make a code generator.. =)

!!! Don’t do it more than 5 times or you'll get disconnected

NOTE: This cheat are not for beginners! If you dont know what are recycle points and how to get them then watch the video provided by patiniox. Enjoy Playing!

credits to Manzs & Patiniox! thank you guys!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Spaghetti Squash

What is spaghetti squash?
Spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo) is a variety of winter squash (others include acorn, butternut and delicata). It has a bright yellow exterior and white stringy pulp that resembles thin noodles when cooked.

Why is spaghetti squash “Healthy Eats”?
A cup of cooked spaghetti squash has 40 calories, 2 grams of fiber, 10 grams of carbohydrate, no cholesterol and 10% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Spaghetti squash’s popularity spiked during the low-carb diet craze, but this veggie is worth checking out beyond it’s low-carb benefits — it tastes great, too.

What to do with spaghetti squash?
Unlike other winter squash, spaghetti have a very mild flavor. To prepare, cut in half lengthwise and boil, steam, microwave, or roast with olive oil, salt and pepper. Once cooked, the fibrous pulp easily comes out with a fork (get the kids to help you, it’s kind of fun!). Enjoy cooked squash with marinara sauce for a lighter alternative to a pasta dinner. Try roasting with ginger or combining with vegetables and cheese for a hearty casserole.

Shopping Tip: Choose squash that are brightly colored, firm and without blemishes. Store uncut in a cool, dry place; they will stay fresh for weeks. Once cut open, wrap the squash in plastic and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Farmville Fast Plow, Plant and Harvest Trick

The fastest way to plow is using the newly added tractor but what if you need to recharge your fuel? I found a way on how to speed up plowing, planting and even harvesting. It's just a simple trick of making your character stuck in one place. This will speed up your plowing because the time for walking is removed.

You can use any kind of method as long as you make your character not move. Putting animals like chickens in front, left, right and the back of your character will stop its movements. You can use anything as blockage. See example above, when your done with the movement stoppage then start plowing, planting and harvesting.

If you like this trick please follow my blog or make a comment! Thanks and enjoy farming!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ms. Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo

Bianca Manalo received a warm welcome from the Filipinos who are based in the Bahamas, there are around 500 Filipino professionals and household helpers residing and working in the Bahamas. Miss Manalo feels quite at home in the Bahamas where she and other fellow candidates of the 58th Miss Universe pageant have been staying for about a month.

The pageant will be held at the Atlantis Resort Paradise Island in the Bahamas and this will be the first time for Bahamas to host the Miss Universe pageant.

Among the audience’s favorites in this year’s pageant are Ms. Ecuador, Ms. Iceland, Ms. Canada, Ms. Venezuela, Ms. Puerto Rico, Ms. Dominican Republic, Ms. USA, Ms. Russia, Ms. Sweden, Ms. Mexico, and our very own Ms. Philippines.

Please vote for her at

Ms. Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo Pictures

Friday, August 14, 2009

Restaurant City Tools Version 5.1

Update: Restaurant City Cheats working as of August 15, 2009

Restaurant City Tools Version 5.1 includes

  1. Phantom Rubbish (Not Working)
  2. Work Fast (Working)
  3. Cook Fast (Working)
  4. Bill Fast by (Working)
  5. Sonic Customer (Working)
  6. Work faster (Working)
  7. Cleaner faster (Working)
  8. No Toilet cheat (Working)
  9. Stamina cheat (Working)
How to use RC tools v5.1

First you need the following requirements
- RC tools 5.1
- Cheat engine 5.5
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

- Firefox or Iexplorer

1. Make sure you follow the requirements or the cheats won't work
2. Go to your Facebook account and open Restaurant City
3. Lets start with the Stamina cheat, open Cheat Engine 5.5
4. Check hex and "also scan read only memory", also choose 8 bytes on the value type of the Cheat Engine
5. Choose firefox or iexplorer on the process list
6. Open RC tools 5.1 (uncheck enable hotkey for beginners)
6. Click on the Stamina tab

7. Copy the code on Hotkey[N] "C85D89C33B28408B"
8. Go to cheat engine 5.5 and paste the code on the hex value
9. Click First Scan and double click on the result address (Reminder! Must do a First Scan on all Codes)
10. Go back to RC tools 5.1 and copy the code on Hotkey[M] "FC5D89C33B28408B"
11. Go to cheat engine 5.5 and paste the code on the hex value
12. Click First Scan and double click on the result address
13. Now we have 2 addresses, double click on the first address (right under the word address on the lower portion of the cheat engine) and this will open a small window
14. copy the first address and paste it on the RC tools 5.1 besides Hotkey[N]
15. copy the second address and paste it on the RC tools 5.1 besides Hotkey[M]
16. Click Get Code and copy the generated code

it will look like the picture above if you did it right (except the codes of course)

17. Paste the code on the Freeze address portion of the cheat engine lower part.

18. Check Jackal's Worker HP ++ to activate it and your done for the Stamina Cheat!

Note: If you followed the instructions correctly then you can do the other cheats. Just change the code of the Stamina cheat and follow the steps, you can find the other codes in the RC tools 5.1.

If you like this cheat then click here and follow my blog for future updates.
Comments are also appreciated!

Credits to Jackal, Zeroland500 and CK



I received this email and i just want to share it.

August 18, 1973
Makati, Rizal

Ms. Maria Elena C. Aquino
25 Times St. Quezon City

My dearest Ballsy,
I write you this letter with tears in my eyes and as if steel fingers are crushing my heart because I wanted so much to be with you as you celebrate your legal emancipation. Now that you have come of age, my love, a voice tells me that I am no longer young and suddenly, I feel old. An old poet gave this advice very long ago “when you are sad, remember the roses will bloom in December.” I want to send you bouquet of roses, big red roses from my dreamland garden. Unfortunately for the present, my roses are not in bloom, in fact they have dropped all their petals and only the thorns are left to keep me company. I do think it is fitting to send you a thicket of thorns on this memorable day!

I am very proud of you because you have inherited all the best traits of your mother. You are sensible, responsible, even-tempered and sincere with the least pretenses and affection which vehemently detest in a woman. I am sure like your mother, you will possess that rare brand of silent courage and that combination of fidelity and fortitude that will be the life vest of your man in the tragic moments of his life. During my lonely hours of solitary confinement in FortMagsaysay, Laur, Nueva Ecija last March and April with nothing else to do but pray and daydream, with only my fond memories to keep me company, I planned a weekend barrio fiesta for you in Tarlac for your 18th birthday. I fooled myself into believing that my ordeal would end with the fiscal year. I planned to invite all your classmates and friends and their families for the weekends. The schedule called for an early departure by bus from Manila and the first stop will be Concepcion , where lunch will be served by the pool. And after lunch, you were to visit the SantaRitaElementary School to distribute cookies and ice cream to the children of that public school where you were first enrolled. I guess sheer nostalgia prompted me to include Santa Rita. We were only three then: Mommie, you and I. Those were the days of happy memories little responsibilities, tremendous freedom, a great future ahead and capped by a fulfillment of love.. You are the first fruit of our union, the first proof of our love and the first seal of our affections. From Concepcion we were to proceed to Luisita for the barrio fiesta. I intended to invite a friend who could roast an entire cow succulently. Swimming, pelota, dancing and eating would have been the order of the day. Sunday morning was reserved for a trip around the Hacienda and the mill and maybe golf for some of the parents and later a picnic-lunch on Uncle Tony’s Island . Return to Manila after lunch.

I am afraid this will have to remain as one of the many dreams I had in Laur. Our future has suddenly become uncertain and our fate unknown. I am even now beginning to doubt whether I’ll ever be able to return to you and the family. Hence, I would like to ask you these special favors. Love your mother, whose love for you, you will never be able to match. She is not the greatest mother in the world, she is your sincerest friend. Take care of your younger sisters and brother and lavish them with the love and care I would like to continue giving them but am unable to do so. Help Noy-noy along and pray hard that he will grow to be a real, responsible man who in later years will protect you all. You are the model for your three younger sisters. Your responsibility is therefore great. Please endeavor to live up to our highest expectations. Be more tolerant to Pinky, more accessible to Viel, our little genius-princess, and more charitable to Krissy, our baby doll, and make up for my neglect. Finally, forgive me, my love, for not having been an ideal, good and thoughtful father to you all as I pursued public office. I had hopes and high resolve of making up, but I am afraid my destiny will not oblige. I seal this letter with a drop of tear and a prayer in my heart, that somehow, somewhere we shall meet again and I will finally be able to make up for all my lapses, in the kingdom where justice reigns supreme and love is eternal.

I love you,

Mosquito trap (Dengue prevention)

This was an email forwarded to me by my mom for Dengue prevention.

It's just a mix of water, brown sugar and yeast.

1. Cut a plastic bottle in half, keep both parts. Can be Coca Cola / Pepsi bottle.
2. Take the lower portion of the bottle. Dissolve the brown sugar in hot water. Let it cool down to ~70 degF.
3. Add the yeast. Carbon dioxide will form (This will attract the mosquitos)
4. Cover the bottle with a dark wrap and place the top portion upside down like a funnel. Place it in a corner in your house.
5. In 2 weeks you will be surprised by the number of mosquitos killed.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca
1/2 cup cornstarch
3/4 cup sweet corn kernels
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups thin coconut milk
3 Tbsp. sweet corn kernels
coconut oil (from Latik recipe) to grease mold pan.

Ground the 3/4 cup corn kernels in a blender or food processor, sieve well. In a saucepan, combine the sieved ground corn with cornstarch, sugar, coconut milk and 3 tablespoons corn kernels. Cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring constantly. Pour into greased 8-inch mold pan and coll until set. Unmold and top with sweetened latik.

2 cups thin coconut milk
3 Tbsp. sugar

Boil coconut milk until oil separates from mixture. Pour off the excess oil, use this oil to grease the mold pan. Add sugar to latik and cook until crisp.

Restaurant City Stamina Freeze

- Firefox 3.0.10 (i used IE and it works fine)
- Cheat engine 5.5
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

1. Login to your facebook account and open Restaurant City
2. Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose iexplorer or firefox on the process list
Check hex and "also scan read only memory", also choose 8 bytes on the value type of the Cheat Engine
4. First scan C85D89C33B28408B
5. Double click the result and it will go on the freeze list(lower part of CE 5.5)
6. Right click address and choose Change record then Value
7. Change the Value to 0(zero) then click ok
8. Feed your workers up to 100% if there stamina is not yet 100%
9. And your done! You can now close CE 5.5

Cheat credited to Rayz Ong. Thank you my friend!


Willie Revillame on leave 'indefinitely'

Willie is on leave "indefinitely" because of a controversy last August 3 when he ordered to cut the simultaneous live broadcast of the procession of former President Corazon Aquino's remains from his noontime show. Indefinitely means it can be two days or three days said Bong Osorio, head of ABS-CBN's corporate communications, told in a phone interviewJohnny Manahan, a Star Magic executive defended Revillame from critics who have lashed at the host for being "arrogant." Contrary to criticisms, the Star Magic executive said the “Wowowee” host is "simple, compassionate and a pushover." Manahan also pointed out that the "Wowowee" host would never disrespect the late former president and her family. Manahan admitted though that Revillame did not carefully choose his words when he ordered a stop to the live broadcast. The live broadcast showed the transfer of Mrs. Aquino's body to Manila Cathedral from La Salle Green Hills on August 3, prompting an irked Revillame to have it cut. Revillame explained that it was inappropriate to broadcast the funeral procession while they were having fun inside the studio. Revillame's action last Monday drew instant criticism from various quarters, particularly in various online forums. On August 4, Revillame publicly apologized, but said he was standing by his decision to have the simultaneous broadcast removed on air. He also disclosed that he had asked ABS-CBN entertainment production head Linggit Tan to remove it, and that he only blew his top when he saw the broadcast again on the screen. He also said that he never meant to offend people. He said his only intention was to give respect and make the occasion a solemn one. Osorio, meanwhile, said Revillame has already “apologized and the Aquino family has accepted it.”
-Reyma Buan-Deveza,

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lady Gaga concert in Manila, Philippines

Lady Gaga will be having a concert in Manila, Philippines at the Araneta Coliseum on August 11, 2009.

Tickets are available at TicketNet outlets (02) 911-5555

Ticket prices:

VIP - 7,875 pesos
Patron Standing - 5,775
Patron (Reserved Seating) - 5,775
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) - 3,675
Upper Box A - 2,625
Upper Box B - 1,050
General Admission - 525

Lady Gaga Poker Face - 06

Saturday, August 8, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I've known G.I. Joe when i was a kid but i really don't remember the name of the characters except for Cobra. I haven't watch the movie yet but i will, i just don't know if i will watch it in the theater or just download it (i use torrent).

The plot of the movie is about an elite military unit compromised special operatives known as G.I. Joe which takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer. As stated by Dick Steel from Singapore "G.I. Joe was much better than expected as pure entertainment, and you really shouldn't give this a miss as it might just restore your faith in big-action summer popcorn flicks that takes a huge leaf out of their cartoon counterparts. A bevy of good looking, established stars in its casting also helped in making this watchable, even though some, like Ray Park, had to spend all his time behind a mask. See if you can spot an uncredited Brendan Fraser as well!".

Hacker attacks Twitter and Facebook

The popular micro-blogging service, Twitter was knocked down by a malicious attack last Thursday making it impossible to access the site for several hours.

Facebook members also suffered delayed logging in and online profile postings, the social networking site said is was related to an "apparent distributed denial of service attack", a technique in which hackers overwhelm a website's servers with communications requests.

There have been speculations of hackers making coordinated campaign against the world's most popular online social networks. LiveJournal said it too had been targeted by hackers on Thursday but the rumors could not be confirmed.

According to the news in "the incidents follow a wave of similar cyber attacks in July that disrupted access to several high-profile U.S. and South Korean websites, including the White House site. South Korea's spy agency said at the time that North Korea might have been behind the attacks".

Let's just hope they defend well against this attacks because it might cause trouble for the whole world.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kasou Taishou

Some of you might not know what is Kasou Taishou, apparently i too don't know what is it but according to, Kasou Taishou (Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All Japan Costume Grand Prix) is a semi-annual show on NTV in which various amateur groups (or solo artists) perform short skits, which are rated by a panel of judges. Especially in recent years, many of the skits have revolved around clever methods of "faking" cinematic special effects on a live stage. The most famous of these skits, and the most successful at "fake special effects" was a skit which is widely known as "Matrix ping pong".

The Matrix ping pong is the first one I've seen but i didn't know the name of the show just until now. If you haven't watch it then this is your chance because as you can se i have already provided you the matrix ping pong video and also some must see skits.

Matrix Ping Pong

The reason she got mad at me

Olympic Games

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody

Thanks Jaypee for making me laugh with the funny version of the Wonder Girls - Nobody video. If you wanna see the funny version just go to

I have provided the original version of the video for those who want to see it and some other must see versions.

Live Performance Version

Nobody Internet Submissions Version!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stylish Coffee Machine

Just something out of the ordinary is the Bugatti Coffee Machine. It has a sleek and eye-catching design that you just can't stop looking at it while drinking coffee in the morning. It has a 15-bar pump capable of making 1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time and also has a Steam wand for frothing milk or making cappuccino and tea. The Bugatti Coffee Machine also has a temperature gauge, brass fittings, integrated water tank and cup warmer. It has a unique drop system assuring fresh water intake from the integrated tank to guarantee the perfect cup of coffee, every time of the day. The Bugatti Coffee Machine comes in several colors and cost around $1,300.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pay per Post v3

Get paid to blog about the things you love!

You can blog almost anything that you want! Blog about your travels, blog about your friends or blog just about anything that you encounter in your everyday life.

Simply register by filling up the sign up form below to get started...

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friendship Day

International Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935. Gradually the festival gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in large number of countries including India. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. Exchange of Friendship Day Gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition of this occasion.

The United States Congress, in 1935, proclaimed the first Sunday of August as National Friendship Day. Since then, celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event. Following the popularity and success of Friendship Day in US, several other countries adopted the tradition of dedicating a day to friends. Today, Friendship Day is enthusiastically celebrated by several countries across the world. In 1997, the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the world's Ambassador of Friendship.

Many friends wish each other with exchange of gifts and cards on this day. "Friendship bands" are very popular in India. With the advent of social networking sites, friendship day is also being celebrated online. The commercialization of the Friendship Day celebrations has led to some dismissing it as a "marketing gimmick".