Monday, May 2, 2011


The purpose of pubic hair is something that has been argued about for years Even today, scientists are still unsure of its function.

One view is that pubic hair protects against friction during sexual intercourse, and it provides cushioning for the pelvis in that area Another view is that it provided insulation for our ancestors, although this is not widely held because of the lack of significant hair over the rest of our bodies However, there is some support for the idea that the hair helps to regulate body temperature in the genital area, which is particularly important for the production of sperm in men.

Pubic hair also performs two other possible functions The first is that it indicates that the person is sexually mature and able to procreate; indeed, some anthropologists have suggested that pubic hair in males might have been an ancient way of impressing and deterring other males who were in competition with them, performing the same function as a mane on a lion The second proposed function is that it helps to trap and retain the pheromones that are secreted from sweat glands in the pubic area, which are thought to serve as a powerful aphrodisiac to the opposite gender 

Pubic hair is curly because for some reason our sex hormones turn the hair follicles in that area into an oval shape, which in turn makes the hair oval in shape, causing it to bend Straight hair grows from round follicles and is less prone to curliness.

-What did we use before toiler paper? by Andrew Thompson

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