Friday, July 31, 2009

Corazon Aquino Passes Away

Former President Cory Aquino died August 1, 2009, 3:18 a.m at the age of 76. Aquino died of cardiopulmonary arrest after complications of colon cancer.
Maria Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino (January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009) was a world-renowned advocate of democracy, peace, women's empowerment, and religious piety. She served as the 11th president of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992. She was the first female president of the Philippines and was Asia's first female president.

A self-proclaimed "plain housewife", Aquino was married to Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. (1932–1983), a leading figure in the political opposition against the autocratic rule of President Ferdinand Marcos. After her husband was assassinated upon his return from exile in the United States on August 21, 1983, Aquino, who had no prior political experience, became a focal point and unifying force of the opposition against Marcos. She was drafted to run against Marcos in the 1986 snap presidential elections. After Marcos was proclaimed the winner despite widespread reports of electoral fraud, Aquino was installed as President by the peaceful 1986 People Power Revolution.


Let us pray for the soul of the late president Cory Aquino. You will always be remembered!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pet Society Fishing Cheat by Patiniox

Update: Cheat working as of August 25, 2009

This cheat will help you catch a fish much faster.
Just follow the steps below.

If you know how to do the coin hack then this will be much easier to do.

Cheat Engine 5.5
Internet Explorer or Firefox
Flash Player 9.0 - Download here

Steps :
1. Open Pet Society and go to the lake
2. Catch a fish or two
3. Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose FireFox.exe or Iexplorer.exe as process
4. Check HEX, Choose 8 bytes, And Check "Also Scan Read Only Memory"
5. Now next to the HEX box, put 758B00000024820F
6. First Scan
7. You'll get 2 addresses (if you don't get 2 addresses then your not using the required flash player 9, please see requirements)
8. Right click then Disassemble this memory region of the first address
9. Now you'll get a new window and then right click the marked address
10. Choose: Replace with code that does nothing
11. Now go back to the lake and start fishing again and viola! You get a catch in seconds
12. Save game after fishing

Don't forget to follow my blog for future updates..

Optional: You can use the speedhack function of the cheat engine 5.5. Just click Enable Speehack and change the number from 1 to a maximun of 5 so it won't crash then click Apply. Don't forget to save your game.

Happy Fishing!

Random Tip! Experiment different baits(food) to get special fishes.

Thanks Patiniox for the new cheat! Your the best!
Check out patiniox blog here!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Naruto Vs Luffy Vs Ichigo

Cute fighting game featuring Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo and other unlockbles characters..

Anime Fighting Jam wing



Please wait for it to load.. thanks..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make your eyes look anime

Here's a makeup tutorial to make your eyes look like that of an anime character. Good for Halloween parties, Comic-con group meetings or just showing off to friends. Make yourself look so kawaii! Enjoy!

Thanks Michelle Phan for the great video!

Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest

Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest

Three Lucky Bloggers will WIN IZEAFest 2009 passes and ONE will win the Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack.

I would like to to promote the Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest. Here is a description of what is in the Prize Pack. Blog about the winner being fully outfitted with all the gear they need to enjoy IZEAFest 2009 in style.

What is so Ultimate about this Prize Pack anyway?

The Ultimate IZEAFest 2009 Prize Pack includes: An IZEAFest 2009 pass for the entire event including the Kickoff Party at Busch Gardens Tampa on Thursday October 1, 2009 & Blogger Takeover day at SeaWorld on Sunday October 4, 2009. This pass also gets you into the nightly parties at Howl At The Moon and Icebar, the swag and the speaker sessions. Did I forget to mention IZEAHunt you get to participate in that too. This pass alone is one highly sought after prize!

But that is not all: The Ultimate IZEAFest 2009 Prize Pack ALSO includes:

* An XShot from
* A Polaroid Pogo and ZINK Paper
* A Swag bag from MarketLeverage
* A Swag pack from
* A Flip Mino HD from MarketLeverage TV
* A Case of BluFrog Wildly Healthy Energy Drink from Martha Decker.
* An Asus Eee PC 1000HA from MarketLeverage
* And there might be more prizes added as we get closer to the contest end date!

What about the Runner Up Prize Packs?

There will be two Runner Up Prize Packs.

* The Runner Up IZEAFest 2009 Prize Packs includes: An IZEAFest 2009 pass for the entire event including the Kickoff Party at Busch Gardens Tampa on Thursday October 1, 2009 & Blogger Takeover day at SeaWorld on Sunday October 4, 2009. This pass also gets you into the nightly parties at Howl At The Moon and Icebar, the swag and the speaker sessions. Did I forget to mention IZEAHunt you get to participate in that too. This pass alone is one highly sought after prize!
* An XShot from
* Some Swag

More prizes will be announced throughout the contest.

Please visit the landing page to learn more about the contest.

Advertiser Requirements:
Use the Ad Units please.
Blog Posts are encouraged.
Twitter campaigns are good too.
No email marketing please.
Please visit the landing page to learn more about the contest.

You must also meet at least one of the following:
Blogger is in the Street Team I'm Not A Famous Blogger

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Longest Solar Eclipse

The July 22, 2009 Solar Eclipse was the longest total solar eclipse during the 21st century, not to be surpassed until June of the year 2132. It lasted about 6 minutes and 39 seconds off the coast of Southeast Asia, causing tourist interest in eastern China, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal.

-view source1
-view source2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who is Sliimy?

I've opened my twitter and everyone is asking who is Sliimy. Well, I've done a little research and found out who he was.


Real name: Yanis Sahraoui a.k.a Sliimy
Born in 1989 in Saint-Etienne (France). As a Child, it is a member of the choir of her school, but prefers to sing only at home. In 2005, he participated in a competition. He won and this allows him to record a first title that will display on his blog. The first step in the workplace opens new horizons for Sliimy. He became known through the Internet with the resumption of tube Britney Spears: "Womanizer". His style, a mixture of Mika and Lily Allen borrows the best of English pop and does not leave indifferent. Its look and dress it looks nice do the rest. Sliimy cartonne on the Internet and was noticed by a producer who offered him to record an album. "Paint Your Face" was released in April 2009 and expected a huge success with the title "Trust Me" and "Magic Game" which have all the air hits power.

- view source

Plastic Surgery

I was reading a book about blogging and stumbled upon some entertainment websites. And so i got curious and went to see one of the websites. Here is what i found.

Here are some photos of Anna Harris showing her new breasts. As you can see they are perfectly round compare to her previously invisible A cup bosoms.

The name of the site was The editor of the site compares new and old photographs of celebrities to point out how people have used plastic surgery to enhanced their beauty or maybe NOT enhanced their beauty at all.

10 OFWs Died in Helicopter Crash

MANILA, Philippines—The employer of Filipino workers in Afghanistan has informed the Philippine government about the deaths of 10 Filipinos in a helicopter crash last Sunday, Vice President Noli De Castro and the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday.

The 10 Filipino workers were among the 16 people killed when a Russian helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff at southern Afghanistan's largest NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) base Sunday.

Their employer, a US-based construction firm, confirmed to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that the Filipino workers were onboard the aircraft which malfunctioned during takeoff and plunged to the ground.

The helicopter was reported to be carrying three crew members and 17 passengers of varying nationalities. Sixteen of the passengers, including the Filipinos, were killed in the crash.

A company official said the families and relatives of the Filipino victims are currently being contacted while the repatriation of the remains is being arranged.

The company is also working on the processing of the Filipino workers’ insurance and other benefits.

The DFA has dispatched a team from the Philippine Embassy in Islamabad to coordinate with local authorities for the repatriation.

The Philippine Government has a long-standing ban on the deployment of overseas Filipino workers to Afghanistan due to security concerns.

The DFA extends its deepest condolences to the families and relatives of the 10 Filipino workers who died in the crash

-view source

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Churros con Chocolate

Churros - sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, are fried-dough pastry-based snacks, sometimes made from potato dough, that originated in Spain. They are also popular in Latin America, France, Portugal, the United States, and Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands. The snack gets its name from its shape, which resembles the horns of the Churro breed of sheep reared in the Spanish grasslands of Castile.[citation needed] There are two types of churros in Spain. One is thin (and usually knotted) and the other, especially popular in Madrid, is long and thick (porra). They both are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate.


Ingredients: (Can make one plateful of churros)

Vegetable or Olive Oil
1 cup water
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
2-3 eggs
1/4 cup sugar or powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)
1 tbsp lemon extract (optional)

Prepare to fry the churros by heating oil in a pan (1&1/2 to 2 inches) to 360 degrees F(until boil).

Let's start making the churro dough. Heat water, butter and salt to boil in saucepan, stir in the flour. Stir continuously over low heat until mixture forms a ball or thickens, this will take about 1 minute then remove from heat. Beat eggs all at once and continue beating until smooth and then add to saucepan while stirring mixture.

Put mixture into cake decorators' tube with large star tip (like the one they use to decorate cakes) or if you don't have one, use a zip lock plastic and just put a hole in it with a shape close to a star. Squeeze 3-4-inch strips of dough into hot oil or desired length. Fry until golden brown, turning it once, about 2 minutes on each side. Drain or paper towels or use a strainer. Roll churros on sugar or just dump sugar on the pile of churros.

Chocolate for Churro Dipping


4-5oz dark chocolate, chopped so i can melt quickly
2 cups milk
1 tbsp cornstarch
3-4 tbsp sugar

Heat chocolate and half of the milk on a pan, stir until chocolate has melted. Dissolve the cornstarch in the remaining milk and add sugar. Whisk it on the chocolate mixture. Cook in low heat whisking it constantly until chocolate thickens. Add a bit more cornstarch if it doesn't thickens after 5 minutes. Remove and whisk smooth. Serve in cups or bowls for dipping churros.

- source

Friday, July 17, 2009

SpongeBob on Twitter

Sponge Bob is on the rampage invading twitter, as of today he is on the top of the trending topics. Well, that is what he deserves on his 10'th anniversary on television. Let's give our talkative, funny, fun loving, yellow Sponge Bob from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 25 Cover Girls of 2009

I've written down the top 25 cover girls
as stated by ETC (a show on t.v.)...

Now lets start at the bottom of the list

#25 Naomi Campbell

#24 Vida Guerra

#23 Marissa Miller

#22 Kelly Hu

#21 Heidi Klum

#20 Roselyn Sanchez

#19 Maggie Q

#18 Joanna Krupa

#17 Yamila Diaz

#16 Carolina Ardohain

#15 Dita Von Teese

#14 Veronica Varekova

#13 Christina Aguilera

#12 Eva Longoria

#11 Eva Mendes

#10 Kelly Brook

#9 Scarlett Johansson

#8 Noemie Lenoir

#7 Charlize Theron

#6 Adriana Lima

#5 Kim Kardashian

#4 Petra Nemcova

#3 Angelina Jolie

#2 Gisele Bundgen

and now for our
number 1 Cover Girl

#1 Alessandra Ambrosia

Pet Society Coin Cheat by Patiniox

Update: Working Cheat as of September 02, 2009

- Firefox 3.0.10 (i used IE and it works fine)
- Cheat engine 5.5
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

1. Login to your Pet Society account
2. Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose firefox (or iexplorer)
3. Play rope and make atleast 2 jumps just to make sure it will work
4. Check hex and "also scan read only memory", also choose 8 bytes on the value type of the Cheat Engine
5. Put 408B0000011D840F as the value
6. Hit First Scan to get a result (if it goes well, there should be just 1 result)
7. Double click on the address
8. Click New Scan but this time First Scan 4589C47589544F8B
9. Double click on the address
10. Copy the First and Second address on the Soga Hack-Bot Generator (Soga Hack-Bot Generator also available at
11. Click Enviar then copy the result
12. Go back to the result of the second hex code then right click and choose "disassemble this memory region"
13. Click Tools>Auto Assemble and paste the result of the soga hack-bot code generator
14. Execute
15. Go back to Pet Society and jump rope
16. Congratulations, your done!

you can change

mov ecx,[edi+54]
mov [ebp-3c],esi


mov ecx,[edi+54]
mov [ebp-4c],esi

on the last part of the generated code to make it gain 1 coin per jump.

Thanks to Patiniox for the great work!
You can check out his blog here.

NOTE: The steps are my version, feel free to comment for any questions if it doesn't work out for you.

Don't forget to follow my blog or my twitter for future updates.

- Soga Hack-Bot -


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Richard Jefferson "The Runaway Groom"

Richard Jefferson and fiancee Kesha Ni'cole Nichols were set to tie a know this coming Saturday at the Mandarian Oriental Hotel in Manhattan but Jefferson decided to call a full timeout shortly before the ceremony. He didn't tell his friends but sent his best man with his Black Amex(credit card) to take care of all his guests. The crew partied the night off while Kesha cooled her heels in one of their suites.

Maybe Jefferson thought that he might find his true soul mate somewhere else so i guess my best bet will be the San Antonio dance team, where else would he search. Or just maybe Tony Parker, his new teammate, lets him know that winning a ring opens the door to dating options not limited to on-court entertainers? I'm sure Eva Longoria loves Parker not just because of his championship rings.

I hope whatever reasons Jefferson has in his mind, it must be good enough for him to lose a really attractive girl and spent a ton of money on a wedding that didn't happen.

Read more here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theater

Wishing of having a Personal Movie Theater but doesn't have the cash and space for it? Well, you don't need a genie for your wish to come true. You can even watch a movie on the big screen from the comfort of practically anywhere.

Introducing the only personal media viewer that provides a private viewing experience equivalent to watching a widescreen 52" television from 9' away. It can connect to a video iPod, portable DVD or a personal video game system and uses two high-resolution LCDs and dual stereo headphones.
Adapted from U.S. military technology, the viewer can generate 24-bit true color (16 million colors) and a 28° field of view for wide screen pictures, and the removable headphones produce crystal clear sound just the way you like it.

The LCDs provide 428 x 240 resolution and can be focused individually from +2 to -5 diopters and tilted up to 15° for a custom fit. An optional head strap ensures comfortable viewing experience. One included AA battery provides up to eleven hours of continuous operation. Includes iPod cable, A/V cable, head strap, and carrying case. (4 oz.)

So if your one those movie fanatics who wants to have a comfortable and personal way to watch movies., the 52 inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theatre is a must have for you.

Go here for more info..

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Best Blog Hosting Sites

Here is a list of the best blog hosting sites according to the book "blogosphere: best of blogs"
Best Features:
  • Blog by email.
  • Create audio blogs by calling
  • Upload Photos from the road using Blogger's Mobile Blogging feature.
  • Post from MS Word using plug-in.
  • Post from Picasa (Google's free image editing program) or from
  • Post in your native language and character set.
Best Features:
  • Leverage RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Full podcasting compatibility.
  • Mobile Blogging by cell phone.
  • Categorize archive posts.
Best Features:
  • View your friends' blogs from the Friends page (built-in aggregator).
  • Join or create a community for public posting.
  • Search blogs by city, state, country and age.
  • Text message your LiveJournal friends without knowing their number.
  • Create subgroups of friends for private blog access.
  • Tag posts with keywords.
  • Archive and export your journal (blog).
Best Features:
  • "Blast" feature allows quick communication.
  • Attach Yahoo! Photo albums directly to your blog.
  • Review local businesses.
  • Linked friends appear with images.
  • Create lists of favorite movies, countries, evenets - all linked.
  • Show your Yahoo! Groups memberships.
Best Features:
  • MSN Filter aggregates decent blogs for you.
  • Mobile blogging by cell phone.
  • MSN screensaver.
  • Integrated MSN messenger and Hotmail.
  • Best Features:
  • Free 2GB database space.
  • Free software hosting
Best Features:
  • 1GB disk space and 2GB bandwidth.
  • Slideshow feature for your photos.
  • Built-in Webstats for monitoring visitors.
  • RSS and Secure RSS.
  • Trackbacks.
  • Organize posts by category.
  • Import/Export from Blogger or Movable Type/Typepad.
  • Create and add polls and surveys to your site.
Best Features:
  • WYSIWYG editor.
  • Visual Category editor.
  • Search for and filter media.
  • Resize and rename images.
  • Create directories for and upload media.
  • Antispam plug-in and other sidebar plug-ins available.

here are other blog hosting sites..


Explore, choose and enjoy blogging..


I've decided to blog again and hopefully this time i'll be more active. I have made some changes and will be adding more to improve my blog.

Glad to be back