Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CoolIT Systems

The PURE CPU Cooler is a CoolIT Systems Inc. patented product that removes heat from individual components and transfers the heat outside the computer case.It combines facets of air-cooling and liquid cooling through purpose-designed internally installed components. It can aggressively remove heat from a computer quietly, efficiently, and reliably. This system is highly effective and is easy to install.

To provide concentrated cooling of a small surface area, PURE uses environmentally friendly liquid coolant as the primary dissipating medium, which absorbs heat much more efficiently than air.

In addition to keeping the CPU cool, the PURE actually provides cooling for other vital components while improving system level acoustics. By removing heat from the source and transferring it outside of the chassis, internal PC temperatures are held low. This removes the need for multiple case fans, which eliminates unwanted noise and improves the reliability of other peripheral hardware such as the hard drive.

The PURE CPU Cooler includes: a Radiator / Pump Module, and a CPU Fluid Heat Exchanger (FHE). This universal sealed closed-loop maintenance free system is pre-plumbed and charged for simple bolt-in installation.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Dish Adapter

The Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless-300N USB Dish Adapter extends your wireless network 6 times and boosts your data throughput 12 times! It is capable of transfering data up to 300Mbps. The Wireless-300N USB Dish Adapter is designed with advanced Directional Dish Technology for excellent range and performance. A built-in dual antenna concentrates wireless signals for extended wireless range of up to 600%*, compared to a standard network adapter. It is the most powerful 802.11n Wireless Networking Adapter on the market. Furthermore, it is backward compatible with Wireless 802.11b and 802.11g and will operate on the highest throughput that your network allows.

Installation of the HWDN1 Wireless-300N Dish Adapter is simple and straight forward - run the setup CD and connect the Dish Adapter to your notebook or desktop through an available USB port. To achieve the maximum wireless range and performance, direct the HWDN1 towards a wireless source and you are ready to connect!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Pants and Keyboard Fuse

Created by Designer Erik De Nijs, these pants with integrated keyboard are only for the outdoor geek that roam around the city, texting or coding in the most unexpected place. With them, you don’t have to worry about the keyboard slipping from your lap and your hands can rest very naturally on your lap keyboard. Accessories have not been forgotten: there are speakers on the knees and a Joystick located just behind the front zipper, which might attract unwanted attention while playing an arcade classic…

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LG Launches LG-KF700

LG launched its LG-KF700 handset that brings together various input methods to create an intuitive user interface while providing access to features the quickest manner possible. The LG-KF700 comes with a 3" touch screen display, an alpha-numeric keypad and a Shortcut Dial that helps you achieve the task you want to do in the simplest manner possible. Guess it will take a while where the learning curve is concerned, which might turn some people away. Other features include :-

  • Full-featured Web browser
  • HSDPA connectivity
  • MP3 and MPEG4 player
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity

No idea on how much it will cost, but it will come in black, silver and a black with chrome accents models.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Iomega 160GB Media Xporter USB Hard Drive

Enjoy stored music, photos and videos on Xbox™ 360 or PlayStation 3® game consoles!

- Enjoy stored music, photos, and videos on Xbox™ 360 or PlayStation® 3 consoles! The Iomega® Media Xporter Drive offers high capacity storage for your media collections and convenient USB 2.0 interface for quick access to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles. Listen to your personal playlist or share photos and videos with your friends. In a cool, contemporary black style to complement your gaming experience, the Iomega® Media Xporter Drive natively supports Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 compatible formats such as MP3, MPEG-4 and JPEG, plus includes Prism Video Converter MX software to convert additional file formats into compatible game console formats. Available in a 160GB capacity.

  • Convenient - Store & play/view your media content on TV (pictures/music/videos) through the game console via the USB 2.0 connection without the need of a PC or a Digital Media Adapter.
  • Play/view MP3, MPEG-4***, JPEG files and other popular formats. Prism Video Converter MX software (via download) is included to convert additional file formats to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 compatible files
  • Portable - Take your stored media content anywhere you go onto your compact and light weight Media Xporter, plus no external power required.
  • Versatile - Use with any Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game console and extend the capability of your game console.
  • Stylish - Cool green and silver graphics on a black drive complement the gaming experience as it coordinates with Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game consoles.
  • Easy-to-use - Plug-and-play, up and running in seconds.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Asus M70 notebook with 1TB hard drive

Taipei, Taiwan -- Clearer, bigger and better picture quality with enhanced audio – that’s the nature and power of High Definition (HD). Ready to receive HD in all its full glory is the new ASUS M70 notebook that provides a WUXGA widescreen with 1920x1200 pixels resolution and Blu-Ray support. Combined with cutting-edge audio technologies including built-in Altec Lansing Speakers and Dolby Home Theater, the M70 is supremely suited as a digital entertainment and productivity tool, to deliver the most life-like reality in games and remarkable quality in movies and music every time, anywhere you go.

True High Definition
The centrepiece among the M70’s broad set of features is its 17-inch WUXGA screen displaying 1920x1200 pixels with 16:10 aspect ratio. For entertainment, it is able to faithfully reproduce stunning HD movies as they were meant to be displayed, in their native resolution without scaling, which would inevitably compromise image quality. Further improving the user experience, the M70 features ASUS AI Light that automatically adjusts the display panel brightness according to ambient lighting for optimal viewing comfort, while ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology improves contrast, brightness, skin tone and colour saturation across all applications. Coupled with Blu-ray support and HDMI port, no high definition data will be lost at playback or during transfers.

Big on Sound
To complement the stunning visuals of HD content, the M70 features Dolby Home Theatre sound processing and delivery via Altec Lansing speakers which produce rich, clear audio for the complete cinema experience on the go.

For greater convenience, a new and innovative interface has been developed especially for multimedia usage. When not used as a cursor platform, the M70’s touch pad can turn into a control deck for video or music entertainment. Control the volume, play, stop, pause, mute, skip and more – the user only needs to tap with a finger and it’s done. With another quick switch, the touch pad changes back for cursor movements. The user no longer needs to mouse over a control panel to activate multimedia instructions!

Look and Logon and Personal Security Measures

The M70 offers two ways of accessing the computer. The ASUS SmartLogon provides an easy hands-free access using a facial scan to affirm the identity of the user. But for those who prefer seamless security, a fingerprint scanner provides a strict layer of data protection at the swipe of the finger maintaining a hassle-free user experience.

M70 Specification
Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology
- Intel Core™ 2 Duo T7500 ~T7700/T8100/T8300/T9300 Processor
- Mobile Intel® PM965
- Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965ABGN Network Connection; Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (optional)
Genuine Windows Vista®
- Genuine Windows Vista® Business
- Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate
- Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
- Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic
M70SA: ATI Mobile Radeon HD3650 with 1G VRAM (500GBx2)
M70SR: ATI Mobile Radeon HD3470 with 256MB VRAM
DDRII 667MHz, 2 up to 4GB*; Support Intel Turbo Memory
*Depends on OS support
Built-in 1.3M pixel swivel webcam
12.5" HDD 500G/ 9.5" HDD 160/200/250/320G; Support Dual HDD: up to 1 Terra HDD (500GBx2)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Samsung SGH i400

Russia has been chosen as the first port of call for Samsung's new smartphone, the SGH-i400. Launched at the S60 summit in Madrid this morning, the i400 is a follow-up to last year's i520, due to be launched over here sometime this quarter. It's a slider phone which uses Symbian's S60 operating system, which hopefully won't make it as slow as the Nokia N95. It's way better-looking than the N95, though - think early Van Damme as opposed to Hulk Hogan.

It's got a 2 megapixel camera, supports Bluetooth and its full browser speaks all the standards necessary for Web 2.0 surfing. On top of that there's a microSD slot for up to 4GB cards, it has a music key and a stereo dual speaker to annoy everyone in the subway. And there's 2.3 inches of 262K QVGA TFT screen for you to ogle at. Weight is 92 grams and vital statistics are 101 x 50 x 15.8 mm. Come on Samsung, we want it now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Halo UV Vacuum

halo uvst vacuum
Halo UV-ST
- Excellent Carpet Disinfectent
- Excellent Carpet Cleaning

• Kills dust mites and invisible germs without chemicals
• High-output powerful motor
• True HEPA Filtration
• Accessories: 13 Foot detachable hose, crevice tool, dusting brush
• 31 foot power cord
• Five level height adjuster for all carpet heights
• Includes 3 Extra Large Vacuum Bags


halo uvx vacuum
Halo UVX
- Excellent Carpet Disinfectent
- Normal Carpet Cleaning

• Kills dust mites and invisible germs without chemicals
• HEPA filtration
• Telescoping handle
• Electronic height adjustment
• Beltless system
• Includes 5 normal vacuum bags


The new Halo UV-ST features a more powerful motor, larger bag capacity, accessories and the same powerful UV Technology!

• Carpets contain the highest concentration of allergens in the home, including molds, bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

• The most common indoor allergen that triggers symptoms in humans is the house dust mite.

• About half of all homes have sufficient dust mite allergens to trigger allergy symptoms, while approximately a quarter of all homes have sufficient dust mite allergens to trigger asthma symptoms.

• No existing commercial product – including vacuums – effectively disinfects and kills the dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses present within carpeting.

• UV light in the “C” spectrum (UVC) deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, germs, molds, fungal spores, and other pathogens and micro-organisms, and thus destroys their ability to multiply.

• UVC light (known as “germicidal light”) has safely been used to disinfect and sanitize drinking water, hospitals and food production facilities for more than 60 years.

• The Halo Vacuum is the first and only vacuum that can disinfect carpeting and other surfaces.

Monday, April 14, 2008

PocketDish PVR

TV / VIDEO > More versatile than a portable DVD player, quickly transfer
programs from select DISH Network DVR receivers to PocketDISH and enjoy
the programs you watch every day - on the go. The AV700E is also a
portable DVR so you can record your favorite shows, movies and sports
from your TV, satellite receiver, cable box or VCR.

MUSIC > Store your entire digital music library! Carry up to 20,000
songs (MP3, WMA or WAV music files) with you, cleverly organized with
cover art and in play lists that suit your many moods. Record directly
to PocketDISH from any standard audio source. PocketDISH sets you free.

PHOTOS > Don't let your memories and the times of your life collect dust
in a photo album, or be filed away in an obscure folder on your PC.
Store up to an unbelievable 400,000 photos and view them anytime on the
brilliant LCD screen or a connected TV.

GAMES > Play exclusive brain teasers as well as role-playing and
adventure games - challenging, on-the-go your pocket.

BIG SCREEN > 7" LCD 480x234 pixel resolution.

AV700E Technical Specifications >

DVR Compatibilty >

*Recording capacity varies based on type of content being recorded. Recording capacities listed require using the total capacity available on the hard drive.
**On average, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity is less.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

PHS300 Personal Hotspot

The PHS300 creates a fully portable WiFi Hotspot from broadband-enabled cellular phones and modems. Take WiFi to a new level by 'bringing it with you'.

Built-in firewall keeps you in control of your Cellular bandwidth, and WEP/WPA security allows you and your colleagues to work in a fully secure environment.

Complete Plug-and-Play solution. Plug in your phone or USB modem, connect your PC to this Hotspot, then surf the Internet.


  • A WiFi extension to Cellular Broadband
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g Standards
  • Tethers to Cellular phone or Cellular USB modem for WiFi access anywhere in coverage
  • Compact and portable
  • Charges handset via USB or powers USB modem
  • Built-in Li Ion battery provides hours of WiFi with your 3G handset
  • Added firewall prevents unauthorized use of your cellular connection


  • Model #: PHS300 Personal Hotspot
  • WiFi Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Phone Connection: Requires compatible 3G handset with USB data connection
  • Firewall: NAT (Network Address Translation) with SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
  • Security: Enable/Disable SSID, Internet Access Control (Services, URL, and MAC)
  • Encryption: 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Network Applications Support: UPnP, ALG, Email, FTP, Gaming, Remote Desktop, NetMeeting, Telnet and others
  • Business Applications Support: Multiple and Concurrent IPSEC, L2TP and PPTP VPN pass-through sessions
  • Platform Compatibility: Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP/Vista Mac OS X, Linux, and WiFi-enabled PDAs
  • Firmware Upgrade: Available from
  • Device Management: Via Web Browser (HTTP)
  • 3 LEDs: Power, Network (Cellular Link Status), and WLAN
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.8" x 0.8" (122 mm x 73 mm x 18.5 mm)
  • Battery: 1800 mAH Li Ion
  • Weight: 4.0 oz.
  • Certifications: FCC, RoHS
  • Operating Temp: 0 C to 50 C


Supported modems, handsets & data cards can be found on the PHS300 support page.


Connect a data-ready cellular phone or USB modem into the USB host port, and the PHS300 automatically establishes a connection to your cellular provider's data network. It works similar to the way a home router manages a DSL or Cable modem - just connect and forget. After connecting your cellular device, you can associate your PC with the PHS300 just like being in a public hotspot - and you're on the Internet. With the PHS300's built-in Li Ion battery, you can enjoy hours of Internet connectivity in more places than you ever thought possible.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

IRiver's B20 Mini-Tv

IRiver has just announced the release of the all-new mini DMB television, the B20. It is equipped with 4 GB of flash memory which you can expand through the miniSD memory card slot. It has a 2.4-inch LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels and a range of colors of 260k. It also has a FM tuner that can be used also as a voice recorder. It supports MPEG-4, OGG, MP3, WMA, WMV9 formats and you can also view JPEG images on it. The battery holds for 26 hours of MP3 playback, 5 hours of videos and 4 hours of DMB TV. The price is set at 267$ for the 4 GB version and 213$ for the 2GB one

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

IOGear Portable Media Player

IOGEAR has announced its new ultra-slim portable media player that allows users to tote their multimedia content just about anywhere they like, thanks to a slim form factor that is appealing to the eye. It also makes for a handy portable hard drive since you will be able to use it to carry your important files wherever you go. Folks who thrive on digital video, songs and pictures can now transfer it from a PC to a laptop through USB 2.0, watching it on a big screen HDTV or an entertainment system later regardless of location.

One interesting aspect of this portable media player is there isn’t any display on it - unlike other PMPs which we have seen in the past. I guess that will help with the cost in the end, but the drawback would be you won’t be able to watch your movies wherever you are since there isn’t any way to hook it up to a TV while you’re sitting on a plane. Still, it does boast some impressive features such as improving standard definition video playback by automatically upscaling it to 720p resolution whenever it is hooked up to a HDTV. All you need is to plug it into the said TV using RCA or component and you’re good to go - would be nice to see an HDMI connector, but I guess there is always room for improvement with future iterations.

According to Miranda Su, executive vice president of IOGEAR, “IOGEAR recognizes that today’s tech-savvy consumers are creating and collecting large amounts of digital media, such as movies and photos, and need simple solutions to transport and access them from any location. Our Portable Media Player makes it easy for people to transfer, organize and take their entertainment with them while on-the-go, and enhances the viewing experience by upscaling standard content to HDTV resolutions.”

The IOGEAR Portable Media Player (GMD2025U120) will be available immediately, retailing for $349.95.

Monday, April 7, 2008

HyMini uses wind power to charge your gadgets

  • 01.What is HYmini?

    iconHYmini is a handheld, universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power / solar power and conventional wall plug power to recharge almost all your 5V digital gadgets.

    HYmini is a hybrid mini green power station that fits in the palm of your hand.

  • 02.How Does It Work ?

    As with a hybrid automobile, more than one power source is used to collect energy.

    iconHYmini stores energy collected from a wall plug, renewable DC input, wind and sun.

    iconThe energy stored in its internal battery can be used to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player, iPod®, PDA, digital camera or other 5V devices.

  • 03.How Does HYmini Simplify Your Life ?

    • Choose your power source including

      iconConventional 100~240V wall plug charging for your home and office.

      iconLaptop or desktop USB outlet.

      iconminiSOLAR panels - Link to increase capacity.

      iconBulid-in supplemental wind powered generator.

    • Universal adaptability for mobile devices
    • Wireless charging with wind and sun
    • No need to carry extra power source 1200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery
    • No additional software required.
    • Lightweight / handheld / compact green portable power bank

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kondo KHR-2 HV Robot

Now you can have soccer playing, dancing salsa fighter robot. The Kondo robot KHR-2 HV has improved its looks taking up a more Robocop-ish style. Its features are much more robust and curved then the square-like head the previous one had. And this pretty, very entertaining little robot can be yours for just $152. And there’s not one of us who didn’t want his or her own robot when growing up.

You can also buy him a couple of soccer strips to make the whole thing more real. They only cost $10 each. Now go on and buy yourself a little robotic friend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

World Smallest Camcorder

panasonic launched the world smallest camcorder

When Camcorder joins our daily life, capture all our precious moments, even company us traveling around the world however because of the size of the oldies camcorder which was big, we got trouble in taking care of it. However now, Panasonic launched SDR-S10 “The World Smallest Camcorder” measures 1.2 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches, 10x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD. With the ability to record on SD/SDHC format, Panasonic reveal that a 4GB SDHC memory card will allows 100 minutes recording time whereas the 2GB SDHC memory card will allows 50 minutes recording time. SDR-S10 designed in a stylish look, easy shooting that allows you to shoot your precious moment comfortably in the palm of your hand. Watch the stunning pic of the smallest camcorder after the break.

Unfortunately no word on the price of SDR-S10 however it will be available on Europe around the beginning of this May.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The World First Platinum Apple iPod Nano

The Apple iPod Nano has evolved to the 3rd generation, now with a larger and brighter display. The design of its casing somehow does not change much and still consists of an anodized aluminum top and polished stainless steel back. You might already been getting bored of the original casing and want something different?

Well, the world’s first platinum Apple iPod Nano is soon to be launched by the UK’s Goldstriker. Unlike the conventional casing, the platinum plated iPod Nano uses the most precious metal and it sure look more glamorous and stylish.

Goldstriker have already received many requests and orders even before the official release of platinum iPod Nano 8GB in January 2008. Goldstriker will sell the unit at £399.95 each, which is equivalent to about US$825.