Monday, April 14, 2008

PocketDish PVR

TV / VIDEO > More versatile than a portable DVD player, quickly transfer
programs from select DISH Network DVR receivers to PocketDISH and enjoy
the programs you watch every day - on the go. The AV700E is also a
portable DVR so you can record your favorite shows, movies and sports
from your TV, satellite receiver, cable box or VCR.

MUSIC > Store your entire digital music library! Carry up to 20,000
songs (MP3, WMA or WAV music files) with you, cleverly organized with
cover art and in play lists that suit your many moods. Record directly
to PocketDISH from any standard audio source. PocketDISH sets you free.

PHOTOS > Don't let your memories and the times of your life collect dust
in a photo album, or be filed away in an obscure folder on your PC.
Store up to an unbelievable 400,000 photos and view them anytime on the
brilliant LCD screen or a connected TV.

GAMES > Play exclusive brain teasers as well as role-playing and
adventure games - challenging, on-the-go your pocket.

BIG SCREEN > 7" LCD 480x234 pixel resolution.

AV700E Technical Specifications >

DVR Compatibilty >

*Recording capacity varies based on type of content being recorded. Recording capacities listed require using the total capacity available on the hard drive.
**On average, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity is less.

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