Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CoolIT Systems

The PURE CPU Cooler is a CoolIT Systems Inc. patented product that removes heat from individual components and transfers the heat outside the computer case.It combines facets of air-cooling and liquid cooling through purpose-designed internally installed components. It can aggressively remove heat from a computer quietly, efficiently, and reliably. This system is highly effective and is easy to install.

To provide concentrated cooling of a small surface area, PURE uses environmentally friendly liquid coolant as the primary dissipating medium, which absorbs heat much more efficiently than air.

In addition to keeping the CPU cool, the PURE actually provides cooling for other vital components while improving system level acoustics. By removing heat from the source and transferring it outside of the chassis, internal PC temperatures are held low. This removes the need for multiple case fans, which eliminates unwanted noise and improves the reliability of other peripheral hardware such as the hard drive.

The PURE CPU Cooler includes: a Radiator / Pump Module, and a CPU Fluid Heat Exchanger (FHE). This universal sealed closed-loop maintenance free system is pre-plumbed and charged for simple bolt-in installation.

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