Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Farm at Swans Trail

The Farm at Swans Trail.
A wonderful view of the farm.
To all of our Friends,

Which pumpkin farm can get the most “LIKES” on Facebook? HELP US WIN! We are In a BATTLE ROYAL with the other five farms that make up the Snohomish Festival of Pumpkins Association! Starting today and ending at Noon on October 5, whoever gets the most NEW likes wins. When we win, we get to put the losers to work on our farm for a day! Ha!

But guess what? One of our favorite charities also wins. Each farm has selected a charity. For each NEW Facebook “Like” each farm gains during the contest period, that charity will receive $1.00, up to $1,000. We selected Sherwood Community Services. If all the farms max out donations, a total of $6,000 will be donated. WOOT! Wouldn't it be awesome if you "liked" all the farms? That way we could give away all the money. THANKS!
Click HERE to visit the page of The Farm at Swans Trail. Please share to your friends! Thanks again!

The Blonde Convention

Just wanted to share something i read.

Blonde Convention
80,000 blondes meet in a stadium for a “Blondes Are Not Stupid” convention. The leader says, “We are all here today to prove to the world that blondes are not stupid. Can I have a volunteer?” A blonde gingerly works her way through the crowd and steps up to the stage. The leader asks her, “What is 15 plus 15?” After 15 or 20 seconds she says, “Eighteen!”

Obviously everyone is a little disappointed. Then 80,000 blondes start cheering, “Give her another chance! Give her another chance!” The leader says, “Well since we’ve gone to the trouble of getting 80,000 of you in one place and we have the worldwide press and global broadcast media here, gee, uhm, I guess we can give her another chance.” So she asks, “What is five plus five?” After nearly 30 seconds the volunteer answers, “Ninety?”

The leader is quite perplexed, she looks down and just lets out a dejected sigh. Everyone else is disheartened, the voluntter blonde starts crying and the 80,000 girls begin to yell and wave their hands shouting, “GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!”
The leader, unsure whether or not she is doing more harm than damage, eventually says, “Ok! Ok! Just one more chance: What is 2 plus 2?” The woman closes her eyes, and after a whole minute eventually says, “Four?”

 Throughout the stadium pandemonium breaks out as all 80,000 girls jump to their feet, wave their arms, stomp their feet and scream…“GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!”


Monday, September 17, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style Addiction

With 192 millions views and counting, people are officially addicted to Oppa Gangnam Style. Not just normal people but even famous people like Vanessa Hudgens, Britney Spears and Carrie Keagan.
PSY doing Gangnam Style with Britney Spears at The Ellen DeGeneres Show

VH1 Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan and Jason Dundas

Even Vice Ganda is dancing Gangnam Style in Showtime.

 Also Bogart the Explorer

Published on Jul 15, 2012 it gets about 3 million views a day. I read a comment on saying will the video get 1 billion views, maybe and maybe not. As long as people love music, i know it will get to 1 billion eventually.

Here is the original video, enjoy!!! Oppa Gangnam Style!!!