Friday, August 27, 2010

How to select all friends on facebook

If the JavaScript

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

is not working then you can use GreaseMonkey Plugin for Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. Google Chrome will work also.

Just follow this simple steps

1. Download GreaseMonkey Plugin

2. After Installing GreaseMonkey Plugin, Install Select All Facebook Friends Greasemonkey Script ( If You are Using Google Chrome 4.0+ Then you can directly install greasemonkey script without downloading the above plugin )

3. Go to any fan page or group you wanna suggest to your friends and you will see something like the picture below

You will see a Start# and an End#. Just put 0 at the Start# and the number of your friends at the End#.
Click Select Friends and it will automatically select the number of friends you indicated. Sometimes it may take a while if you have selected many friends so just be patient.

4. Click Send Invitations and your done

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Major major LOLz! Only in the Philippines!

A group of Filipino recorded themselves while watching Miss Universe 2010. Tension begins to build up when  announcing the top 15 candidates. See their priceless reaction when Miss Venus Raj makes the top 15.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hostage Crisis in the Philippines

August 23, 2010 Philippine Hostage Crisis

Former police officer Rolando Mendoza looks out of the window of the bus. Photograph: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

Police finally ends assault on the bus where a lone gunman held Hong Kong tourists hostages since Monday morning.

The crisis was being broadcast live on national television.

See more at and

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Globe ImmortalTxt FAQ's

   1.  What is IMMORTALTXT20?

IMMORTALTXT is an offer that will give Globe Tattoo and Globe Prepaid subscribers the following for only P20:

    * 75 texts to Globe/TM
    * 10 texts to other networks


You just need to maintain P5 maintaining balance to continue to use the service.

   2. Why is it only available for a limited time only?

Sir/Ma'am, IMMORTALTXT20 is only a promo so that is why it is available only for a specified period.  In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy IMMORTALTXT20 during the promo period!

   3. Is IMMORTALTXT10 still available?

No, IMMORTALTXT10 is no longer available.  You can try the new and improved IMMORTALTXT 20.  For only P20, get 75 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks, NO EXPIRY!

   4. I still have leftover intra and inter texts from my old Immortaltxt10 subscriptions.  Will this be affected by the introduction of Immortaltxt20?

You can still continue to use your leftover intra and inter texts from your old Immortaltxt10 subscriptions.  However, the new maintaining balance of P5 will now be applied to all Immortaltxt subscriptions (old and new).  This means that you will now need P5 maintaining balance to be able to use your Intra texts from your old ImmortalTxt10 subscriptions.

   5. What will happen if I send a text message to a Globe subscriber when my maintaining balance is below P5?

If you still have remaining Free SMS in your account (which may be used for Intra/Inter), your text to the Globe/TM subscriber will be deducted from this.  If you no longer have Free SMS in your account, P1 will be deducted from your regular load.

   6. Why did you increase price from P10 to P20?

The price of Immortaltxt has increased from P10 to P20 because of the new and improved components of the promo ¿ it now has 75 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks, NO EXPIRY! Try it now, just text IMMORTAL20 to 8888 to register.

   7. How can I register to IMMORTALTXT?

You can register by texting IMMORTAL20 to 8888.  You will receive a confirmation message once you are registered.  PhP20 will be deducted from your load upon SMS confirmation.

The confirmation message will be:

"You can now use new and improved IMMORTALTXT!  Enjoy 75 texts to Globe/TM plus 10 texts to other networks, NO EXPIRY! Must maintain P5 to use the service. To check the status of ur IMMORTALTXT, txt IMMORTALBAL to 8888. DTI#xxxxs10, promo til xx/xx.."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nokia X3: Where Touchscreen and Keypad Meet

Nokia has a new feature phone out, Nokia X3, and its claim to fame is something Nokia calls Touch and Type: a rarely seen combination between a touchscreen and a fairly standard 16-button keypad. Nokia calls the phone X3, but to differ from the earlier Nokia phones by the same name, it also goes by the name Nokia X3-02.

Feature-wise, it’s a fairly standard mid-range phone, with a 5-megapixel camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, music player and FM radio. It sports a 9.6mm thick, brushed aluminum casing, available in five colors.

The operating system that powers the phone is S40, so don’t expect magic when it comes to the touchscreen UI, but it’s hard to compain when you’re getting both options – keypad and touchscreen – in one phone.

Suggested retail price for Nokia X3 is approximately $161 (125 euro), and it’s expected to hit the market sometime this quarter.


Top 20 Facebook Pages

Did you ever wonder which Facebook Page has the most Fans?
Below is the list of the 20 pages with the most fans as of August 17, 2010.
Come check them out!

1. Texas Hold'em Poker 22,942,509
2. Michael Jackson 18,817,401
3. Facebook 16,806,854
4. Lady Gaga 16,079,978
5. Family Guy 15,704,901
6. Vin Diesel 14,410,301
7. Mafia Wars 13,557,072
8. Starbucks 12,719,564
9. Barack Obama 12,667,129
10. House 12,657,183
11. Megan Fox 12,143,363
12. The Twilight Saga 11,856,899
13. YouTube 11,559,429
14. Music 11,354,526
15. Eminem 11,188,091
16. South Park 11,181,935
17. Linkin Park 10,829,390
18. Coca-Cola 10,716,385
19. Cristiano Ronaldo 10,417,254
20. Lil Wayne 10,216,779

More Facebook Pages going up the RANK

21. Dr. House 9,828,998
22. Justin Bieber 9,760,990
23. Bob Marley 9,208,741
24. Taylor Swift 9,150,198
25. Oreo 8,728,882


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bayan hits Aquino administration for 'washing hands' on tollway VAT

MANILA, Philippines – Militant group Bayan scored the Aquino administration for saying that the value-added tax (VAT) on toll that will take effect on Monday is an old law.

"The Aquino government cannot hide behind the feeble defense that the VAT is an Arroyo-era law that needs to be implemented. The present government has all the powers to stem the implementation of onerous taxation and spare the people from further hardship," Bayan secretary general Renato Reyes Jr. said.

Aside from the impending toll hike, the government is also set to increase the fare of the Metro Rail Transit, Reyes noted.

He said revenues from the VAT on toll fees will not go to poverty alleviation programs, but rather to paying off government debts incurred over the last nine years.

“The claim of (Press) Sec. (Edwin) Lacierda that poverty alleviation programs will be the result of additional taxes is something we’ve heard before. That was the same promise given by Arroyo when she first implemented the EVAT (expanded value added tax),” Reyes said.

“The reality is that for every P10 raised by government, P6 goes to debt spending. That is how it has been for some time now. The new government doesn’t seem to be departing from that,” he added. - By Dennis Carcamo (Philstar News Service,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

$1 coin, now worth $1.2 million, was hoarded in 1794

This mint condition 1794 Flowing Hair $1 coin sold for $1.2 million at Bowers and Merena's Boston Rarities Sale on Aug. 7. Only 140 of America's first silver $1 coins are believed to exist.
Bowers and Merena Auctions/PRNewsFoto

The first silver dollars minted by the US government in 1794 are rare, so rare that one of them sold for more than $1.2 million this weekend at a Boston auction.

And there's a reason for their scarcity: Even back in the first years of the Republic, people hoarded dollar coins rather than spend them.

The story goes that on Oct. 15, 1794, chief coiner Henry Voigt coined the silver dollars and delivered all the acceptable ones, 1,758 of them, to David Rittenhouse, director of the US Mint, according to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. He handed them out as gifts to dignitaries. In all likelihood, fewer Americans saw those silver dollars than today's Sacagawea and presidential $1 coins, which occasionally pop up in circulation.

IN PICTURES: Some of the world's most eye-catching currencies

Back then, Americans often relied on foreign coins that circulated around the young nation for dollar equivalents. Only 140 of the 1794 so-called Flowing Hair silver dollars are thought to exist. (The coins depict a woman with long flowing hair).

"I don't know what it is in the American psyche" that causes the hoarding of dollar coins, says Jeff Ambio, numismatic consultant for Bowers and Merena, the rare-coin auction house that handled the Boston auction this past weekend.

Maybe it goes back to early American history, he speculates. "In the earliest years of this country and extending back into colonial times, this society was a cash-starved society. There was very little circulating coinage. What little there was, the vast majority wasn't made over here."

The $1 coin that sold in Boston to an anonymous bidder was considered the fourth best specimen of the six mint 1794 silver dollars known to exist. The best specimen, called the Neil/Carter/Contursi 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar, sold for nearly $7.9 million in May, setting a new record price for a coin.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 Fun Facebook Accessories

The Internet’s love affair with Facebook might hit a rough patch from time to time, but there’s no denying that it’s the social networking giant that keeps us connected to everyone and everything we like in one easy online platform.

So, to celebrate all things FB, we’ve rounded up a selection of Facebook-themed real-life products, from witty tees to cool stationery (because someone is still sending snail mail) that you can nab now to show your love for online social networking in the offline world.

1. Facebook Reminder Birthday Card

You probably shouldn’t send this to your significant other (unless they have a great sense of humor), but you can’t beat this witty birthday greeting card, especially for a fellow social networking enthusiast. This high quality card pokes fun at Facebook’s handy highlighting of forthcoming birthdays.
Cost: $3.50

2. Bonaroo Facebook/Movie T-Shirts

We love these tees that offer something different from the “you like this” message, which is so last year. Bonaroo has taken characters from popular movies and imagined their “likes.” The example above is from The Goonies, but over on the site you’ll find fun with Predator, Back to the Future, Anchorman and more.
Cost: £12.99 (approx $19.50)

3. Facebook Status Mug

No doubt we’ve all commented on our need for, or love of, caffeine in the Facebook status bar at one time or another, making this mug a great option for coffee-loving Facebookers.
Cost: From $13.95

4. Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps

Just genius, we love these Like and Dislike stamps that bring Facebook feelings into the real world. You can buy the stamps separately or as a set, with the guys behind the design stating: “The Like/Dislike set combines everything you need to silently judge everything that surrounds you with nothing more than a flick of your wrist.”
Cost: From £9.99 (approx $15)

5. Facebook Ruined My Life Watch

You have to rock a certain type of style to pull off this Facebook-blue, talking-point timepiece with the pithy message “Facebook ruined my life.” Strap it on as you bemoan the hours you’ve lost thanks to the addictive nature of social networking (Or maybe Facebook did actually ruin your life?). Put your sob stories in the comments box below.
Cost: $7.99

6. Facebook Wall Decal

Although we’re not convinced most people would want it decorating their living room walls, we suppose this decal could add some Facebook fun to your office. You can personalize the word shown above the “You like this” text, and share your preference for a company, brand, person or website (hint, hint) with everyone.
Cost: $13.99 and custom orders are also available

7. Personalized Facebook Stationery

We adore this stationery set with its clean, Facebook-esque design that comprises 14 personalized cards and envelopes. For special missives, you can go old school and actually send a note via snail mail, rather than write on someone’s wall, but still keep that Facebook look and feel.
Cost: $10

8. Book of Fame

You can personalize this blank hardback notebook with your — and any other Facebook friends who boast a witty turn of phrase — status updates, which are printed randomly on the bottom of the inside pages, making it unique to you.
Cost: $18

9. Facebook Mousepad

Promising a “precise and consistent glide,” this mousepad is just what you’d expect from the Meninos team — a witty take on a techie topic. Asking “what’s on your mousepad?” the Facebook wall icons are lovingly recreated for an FB-themed accessory any fan would be happy to have.

10. Anti-Farmville T-Shirt

Tell it like it is with this anti-Farmville tee.
Cost: $20.25 from MySoti


Robin declares love for Mariel

Robin declares love for Mariel

MANILA, Philippines – Dashing actor-host Robin Padilla has declared his love for rumored girlfriend and game show co-host, Mariel Rodriguez.

“Umaapaw ang pag-ibig sa puso ko,” said Padilla during his one-on-one interview with Rodriguez on ABS-CBN’s E-Live (Entertainment Live). Rodriguez is one of the hosts of the weekly entertainment program.

The studio audience was thrilled and happy for Rodriguez, particularly when she showed the diamond ring given by Padilla.

“Bakit mo sa akin ito ibinigay?” asked Rodriguez, who also co-hosts Pilipinas Win na Win with Padilla.

“Ngayon lang ako nagbigay. Di pa ako nagbigay kailanman. Napaka-espesyal n’yan,” replied Padilla.

More cheers were heard when Padilla slipped the ring on Rodriguez’ finger and the wedding issue was discussed.

“Yung sinasabing kasal hindi namin itinatago iyun. At kung papayag kang pakasalan ako?” he said.

Rodriguez was teary-eyed during the entire interview and after hearing Padilla’s sweet words.

“Ako, hindi ako nagsisinungalin. Sagutin mo ako o hindi, itago mo yang singsing. Anumang mangyari, itago mo iyan. Sa iyo iyan. Hindi ako nagsinungaling sa iyo Mariel, mahal kita,” he confessed.

Padilla said he won’t be able to return immediately to Pilipinas Win na Win after the Ramadan break because he and Rodriguez will have to start shooting their movie together. Report from Gretchen Fullido, TV Patrol

We don't know if this confession is true or just a way to promote their upcoming movie together. 


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cooliris Plugin

Cooliris, formerly known as PicLens, is a web browser plugin made by Cooliris that provides interactive full-screen slideshows of online images.

The software places a small icon in the corner of an image thumbnail when the mouse moves over it, which launches into a full-screen photo viewer when clicked, but without giving an option to save any of the pictures shown. More recently, Cooliris also allows viewing of local picture files. The Cooliris plugin is available for Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, and for Windows, Mac OS X (not Google Chrome), Linux, and iPhone.

Visit for downloads and more info...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT’

Sorry guys, didn't notice it. Better late than never...

Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.

Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors—Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.

Salt starring Angelina Jolie