Monday, July 13, 2009

The Best Blog Hosting Sites

Here is a list of the best blog hosting sites according to the book "blogosphere: best of blogs"
Best Features:
  • Blog by email.
  • Create audio blogs by calling
  • Upload Photos from the road using Blogger's Mobile Blogging feature.
  • Post from MS Word using plug-in.
  • Post from Picasa (Google's free image editing program) or from
  • Post in your native language and character set.
Best Features:
  • Leverage RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Full podcasting compatibility.
  • Mobile Blogging by cell phone.
  • Categorize archive posts.
Best Features:
  • View your friends' blogs from the Friends page (built-in aggregator).
  • Join or create a community for public posting.
  • Search blogs by city, state, country and age.
  • Text message your LiveJournal friends without knowing their number.
  • Create subgroups of friends for private blog access.
  • Tag posts with keywords.
  • Archive and export your journal (blog).
Best Features:
  • "Blast" feature allows quick communication.
  • Attach Yahoo! Photo albums directly to your blog.
  • Review local businesses.
  • Linked friends appear with images.
  • Create lists of favorite movies, countries, evenets - all linked.
  • Show your Yahoo! Groups memberships.
Best Features:
  • MSN Filter aggregates decent blogs for you.
  • Mobile blogging by cell phone.
  • MSN screensaver.
  • Integrated MSN messenger and Hotmail.
  • Best Features:
  • Free 2GB database space.
  • Free software hosting
Best Features:
  • 1GB disk space and 2GB bandwidth.
  • Slideshow feature for your photos.
  • Built-in Webstats for monitoring visitors.
  • RSS and Secure RSS.
  • Trackbacks.
  • Organize posts by category.
  • Import/Export from Blogger or Movable Type/Typepad.
  • Create and add polls and surveys to your site.
Best Features:
  • WYSIWYG editor.
  • Visual Category editor.
  • Search for and filter media.
  • Resize and rename images.
  • Create directories for and upload media.
  • Antispam plug-in and other sidebar plug-ins available.

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