Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pet Society Coin Cheat by Patiniox

Update: Working Cheat as of September 02, 2009

- Firefox 3.0.10 (i used IE and it works fine)
- Cheat engine 5.5
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

1. Login to your Pet Society account
2. Open Cheat Engine 5.5 and choose firefox (or iexplorer)
3. Play rope and make atleast 2 jumps just to make sure it will work
4. Check hex and "also scan read only memory", also choose 8 bytes on the value type of the Cheat Engine
5. Put 408B0000011D840F as the value
6. Hit First Scan to get a result (if it goes well, there should be just 1 result)
7. Double click on the address
8. Click New Scan but this time First Scan 4589C47589544F8B
9. Double click on the address
10. Copy the First and Second address on the Soga Hack-Bot Generator (Soga Hack-Bot Generator also available at
11. Click Enviar then copy the result
12. Go back to the result of the second hex code then right click and choose "disassemble this memory region"
13. Click Tools>Auto Assemble and paste the result of the soga hack-bot code generator
14. Execute
15. Go back to Pet Society and jump rope
16. Congratulations, your done!

you can change

mov ecx,[edi+54]
mov [ebp-3c],esi


mov ecx,[edi+54]
mov [ebp-4c],esi

on the last part of the generated code to make it gain 1 coin per jump.

Thanks to Patiniox for the great work!
You can check out his blog here.

NOTE: The steps are my version, feel free to comment for any questions if it doesn't work out for you.

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Anonymous said...

very cool!! it works...Cool cool thx so much

joliegorospe said...

i didn't get results on the second hex scan.. what seems to be the problem? -jolie

patrickhenry said...

@jolie - did you follow all the steps and requirements?

jolie said...

i think so, doing the first scan gave me 1 result. double clicked on the address and scanned 4589C47589544F8B, problem is it didn't return a new address..

patrickhenry said...

did you do a new scan on the 2nd one or scan next?.. must do a new scan..

Andy said...

Hi Patrick, I also got the same problem as jolie.. And I'm sure I have click on new scan.

Any other suggestion?

Andy said...

Hi again!!
I have solved the problem and now it works!

It's simply by installing the Adobe Flash Player that you've provided.
I don't know what the problem with my Flash Player before (I think it's also version 9).

I hope it also works for you Jolie.
Thanks again Patric!

patrickhenry said...

there are many versions of flash player 9, some works and some won't work so just install the following requirements and it should work fine.

jolie said...

now i know what seems to be my problem, turns out i was using adobe flash 10.. and now i've also updated my firefox to 3.12.. :(

Anonymous said...

Very sad,..Playfish has already blocked this tips...Pls..find out a new one :-)

patrickhenry said...

Hmm, ive tried it and it still works. Please just follow the requirements and steps given.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patrickhenry...I've tried's really still work :-) ..that day, it's maintaining, so i tried it didn't work..anyway, Thx thx so much

ely said...

can anyone do this hack to my pet?
im so noob when it comes to cheat engine coz i really dont know how to use it.
PLEASE help me..

heres my email..
PASSWORD: ilovecm

please guys..
make my pet RICH..

Purple said...

Yesterday,7th August..PS was going a maintanence.But it's still work. THanks :)

Bright Pink Fanatic said...

working as of today.... thanks

Adrian said...


Adrian said...


Regine said...

What is the Soga-hack-bot ? and whats the adobe flash player for?

patrickhenry said...

@adrian, if the 2nd hex doesnt work for you then you didnt follow the requirements

@Regine, google it! xD

ayaglam said...

u pinoy? it dont knw how can u jaz do it for me PS money hacker? hers my email in fb