Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Richard Jefferson "The Runaway Groom"

Richard Jefferson and fiancee Kesha Ni'cole Nichols were set to tie a know this coming Saturday at the Mandarian Oriental Hotel in Manhattan but Jefferson decided to call a full timeout shortly before the ceremony. He didn't tell his friends but sent his best man with his Black Amex(credit card) to take care of all his guests. The crew partied the night off while Kesha cooled her heels in one of their suites.

Maybe Jefferson thought that he might find his true soul mate somewhere else so i guess my best bet will be the San Antonio dance team, where else would he search. Or just maybe Tony Parker, his new teammate, lets him know that winning a ring opens the door to dating options not limited to on-court entertainers? I'm sure Eva Longoria loves Parker not just because of his championship rings.

I hope whatever reasons Jefferson has in his mind, it must be good enough for him to lose a really attractive girl and spent a ton of money on a wedding that didn't happen.

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