Monday, August 20, 2012

iPhone SLR

The Apple iPhone 4 was recently crowned the most popular camera on image sharing website Flickr, but the camera included with the fourth generation iPhone doesn’t have much of a lens. To remedy that slight oversight by Apple independent accessory maker Photojojo is here with their new iPhone SLR Mount.

That’s right a SLR lens mount for the iPhone is available, binding you don’t mind spending between $190 and $210. The Photojojo company offers a mount compatible with the current gen. iPhone 4 ($210) and the last gen. iPhone 3 ($190). Both mounting kits will allow you to add a Canon or Nikon SLR lens to your iPhone’s rear-facing camera.

According to Photojojo their mounting solution matched up with a lens from Canon or Nikon will give your phone “powerful depth of field and manual focus”. The company has provided some test shots taken with the iPhone 4′s camera and a Canon/Nikon SLR lens, check out the sample photos below…

The iPhone SLR Mount is made from aluminum and it includes dedicated neck strap loops. Also Photojojo will be including a UV filter with every mount sold, it’s supposed to be specific to the mount itself, Photojojo does make a point of noting no third-party filters are supported with their product. If you want to get started in iPhoneography just head over to Photojojo’s website to order the iPhone SLR Mount for your iPhone 3 or 4 (the iPhone 4 is preferred).


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