Friday, April 2, 2010

15 Tools and Applications to Enhance your Facebook Experience

Facebook has been founded in 1st Feb 2004. It is the world's largest social networks with over 400 million users. It had beaten many social networking sites like orkut, my space etc.

Facebook brings new change in social networking with lots of features like uploading photos, links, videos, sharing content, fan pages, games, much more still going on. We assembled most frequently used scripts and add-ons for Facebook users. It enhances the capability of working more easily and helped you to avoid spammers in Facebook.

15 Tools and Applications to Enhance your Facebook Experience

1) Facebook Friends Checker
Facebook Friends Checker is used within Firefox. It runs under the Greasemonkey extension Script. Facebook Friends Checker lets you to manage the friend list. It can help you to remove those friends who stopped your notifications, or probably cancel your friendship requests. It lets you to manage your friend list in every 2 hours. It will also work in Opera and Chrome as well.

2) ScrapBoy

ScrapBay is cool app for facebook, it is specially designed for enhance the facebook features. It is like IM that added one multiple features in one window. You can view photos, write post wall, facebook chat, opening multiple friends , Instant Pop-up notifications, even you can delete your unnecessary photos, notifications etc

3) Facebook Photo Uploader

Simple Photo Uploader is small app for facebook that makes easier for FB users to uploading the pictures. It can easily upload your photos by dragging your album. In addition, you can also choose your tag in these photos.

4) Facebook Organizer

Facebook Organize is handy app that lets you organize your friends list along categorize. You can sort out your contact list into groups, like Work Friends, Social Media, Bloggers, School, and Higher School etc

5) Task Master

Task Master lets manage your task efficiently. You can add your tasks, like categorize with its customize features of Task Master. You can select prioritize according to your task. It has simple interface that organize automatically.

6) Facebook Toolbar For Firefox

Firefox is most customize browser just because its Add-ons. Developers are very keen to update or make new Add-ons.

Facebook toolbar For Firefox is another example of their creative work. It extends your facebook experience into your everyday browsing. You can search anything from this Search Box and get the information through DropDown results. There are more options like Get notified, Connect with Friends, share Content etc

7) Advance Wall's of Facebook

Although Facebook is offering existing feature in writing Walls (photos, links, videos, flash etc) . But , there is few limitation that removed with Advance Wall. It added extra features that customize your sharing through Wall. You can post change text size, images, images, videos, flash, graffiti, and color, along with many other things using the simple WYSIWYG editor.

8) FacePad

FacePad will be used in Firefox. It really make easier for you to download the entire album of Facebook. As you know, we have hundreds of photos uploaded in Facebook. This add-on help you to download any albums in one click. Even you can download any friend album from FacePad. But you need to be patient while it will start the download.

9) Facebook Mobile

Facebook is another fantastic application. It lets users to upload photos from your mobile camera, replying through mobile, pokes, wall Posts using text messages. Facebook Mobile app will displays recent updates from your friends and keep you up to date.

10) Last FM Music

Last Fm music app is for songs lover. You can make your favorite play list and enjoy the music. Even you can compare your track list with your friends and put your favorite Artist or Album images on your profile.

11) Graffiti

This is interesting app for Facebook users. You can draw on your friend’s wall instead of writing them on it. This app is called Graffiti. Even though, Yahoo and MSN has similar app like Graffiti.

12) Run Facebook without Ads with Facebook lite

13) Add Facebook Events and Birthday to Google Calendar

14) How to chat on Facebook without opening

15) How to Put Facebook Chat on FireFox SideBar?


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