Sunday, November 22, 2009

Manny-Krista issue

No matter how much they deny it, many people still believe that there is truth to the Manny Pacquiao-Krista Ranillo rumored romance. Both Manny and Krista camps have denied the rumor (also that one saying Krista is pregnant) but more people tend to believe that the two are indeed "lovers," ever since they started filming "Wapacman," an entry to the forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.

Now the presence of Krista and her family (who were PAL business-class passengers, courtesy of Pacman?) in LA and Las Vegas is being blamed on Wilson Tieng, producer of "Wapacman." Did Tieng plan to bring the Ranillo family to Las Vegas to fuel the Manny-Kristas controversy to promote his movie?

It was said that originally Krista was supposed to be in the same flight as Manny, but she decided to change her flight back to Manila when Jinkee decided to join her husband instead of her original flight to Manila.

Krista's manager Arnold Vegafria who is in Paris as of this writing said he will hold a press conference when he gets back and after talking to her talent.

Wasn't Krista also the cause of Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa's marriage's break-up? Somebody reminded Juicy Corner. If this is true, Krista now has to cope with the image of a home wrecker.

Willie and Nadine back into each other's arms?

It's been reported in the past that Willie Revillame and his latest girlfriend, Nadine Ignacio, had parted ways and for a while, they really went their separate ways. But lately, it's been said that they're back into each other's arms. Also, Nadine now looks more sophisticated and not her old self - which was simple and unassuming. She is fairer now in complexion.

When they were still together, Willie was quoted by some friends as saying he hopes Nadine would be the last woman in his life. Nadine was reportedly seen frequenting Willie's vacation house in Tagaytay.

Before they split. Now they're saying they really didn't break up, the Bulacan lass just concentrated on her studies at CEU.

Incidentally, "Wowowee" is back to being live, after a week of taped shows when Willie and group went to the US for a show at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.


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