Monday, May 26, 2008

Folding Laptop

While laptops are meant to be portable, those 19.5" monsters will definitely make it a chore to lug around - but not if you can help it with this folding laptop. A quick search on eBay unearthed this gem of a Xentex-brand prototype laptop that features a hinge right down the middle, enabling it to be folded right in half. This won't change its weight in any way, while the laptop ends up twice as thick, but at least it makes it all the more manageable to tote around. A hinge splits the laptop's display into a couple of 13.3" panels, and each of them can be rotated independently, allowing two people to watch the display from either side of the table although only one person will be able to have full control of the keyboard. It comes with a built-in floppy drive, but lacks an optical drive. Other specifications include an 850MHz Athlon processor and over 128MB of RAM. It is currently going for $100, making it a great conversation starter if you plan on turning your home into a tech museum.

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